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In the midst of all the joyous first-time dad moments, there are painful times too. And we’re not speaking metaphorically. Baby head butts as you coax crawling, toddler kicks as you carry them off the playground and Sunday morning bed jumps can all pose a risk to the family jewels. So as hilarious as they are, gifts for new dads that are designed to protect their balls are really super practical. Each pair of these FridaBalls boxer briefs is designed with a reinforced protective pouch to soften the blows.

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Home body work tools can be a great way to unwind after a long day. Or after any day, really. 🙂 We’d love to try a foam roller, a hand massager (this one has crazy amazing reviews on amazon), or a Shiatsu massage pillow like this.
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Heat Changing Sensitive Funny Mug - Cool Coffee & Tea Unique Magic Color Changing Cup 12 oz Battery Charging Design Drinkware Ceramic Mugs Cute Birthday Christmas Gift Idea for Mom Dad Women & Men
If the expecting father loves gadgets, he’ll be happy to know there is all kinds of cool baby tech out there.

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As I mentioned, this was the first baby carrier we picked up and you can’t go wrong with the price. I think it performed very well for being so inexpensive.
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These strips have adhesive backs, making them super adaptable and suitable for all sorts of locations and situations, whether under a shelf, below a sofa, or behind a TV.

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Help Dad capture all of those memorable first moments with this sweet present from baby to Dad: a pocket-sized camera that prints on demand.

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    My list of best gift ideas for dads is inspired by my husband, who considers himself fairly health-conscious (though he’d certainly be the first to tell you that he’s a work in progress), and alternative-minded. The gift suggestions are not all specifically health-related items, but they’re all in categories that I know Chris (and many like him) would enjoy, such as:

    Build dad a custom adventure kit. Each VSSL canister comprises a stack of tins containing outdoor essentials like first-aid gauze, fish hooks, waterproof matches, and other small necessities. With the Build Your Own tool, you can decide what you want to put in your container. The VSSL makes it easier to store all your items together and is compact enough to fit in a glove compartment or your pack’s water bottle pocket. Check Price at VSSL Shop More VSSL Gifts
    The sweetness of Christmas scent is already in the air and Christmas gifts for dad are pretty much in abundance. Sometimes it could be tiring to look for a gift in shops and stores near you if you will try to look for a gift without anything in mind. It's very hard to decide especially if there are so many choices to pick from. Finding the perfect Christmas gifts for dad should never be a daunting task. You can narrow down your choices if you will simply make a list of your choices. First you need to decide if you will opt for something that he can use or something that he will just put on display and will remind him of you each time he glances at it? It could be something both useful and at the same time a reminder of your love to him.

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    We are here to give some inspiration on what to get for dad this holiday (or his birthday, and Father’s Day). Dads may seem tricky to shop for. He never tells you about his wishlist, dad seems to own everything, and your daddy probably even told you he wants nothing. No matter what the situation […]

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    Add some serenity to dad’s desk by designing your own aquarium with green moss balls. Marimo moss balls are made of freshwater algae and can thrive in these small homemade water gardens. Perfect for an indoor garden.

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    Wondering what to make for Dad this Father’s day? Here are some of the most thoughtful and creative homemade gifts for Dad, Grandpa, Father-In-Law to make this Father’s Day.
    Gravity blankets have received a lot of buzz over the last few years for their stress-reducing benefits and how they can help with sleep quality. Less anxiety and more shuteye? No wonder we think the cozy robe version is one of the best gifts for new dads. The weighted collar is designed to reduce stress and boost calmness—just what first-time dads need.

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    Quick and ready to go meals. There are lots and lots of cookbook options in this genre!

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    Meditation balls are rotated in the palm of the hand, providing relaxation and stress relief as well as exercising your joints and muscles. This set comes in a gift box with the fun note: “You’ve worked your balls off for us, now we’re giving them back dad. Happy Father’s Day.” The storage bag says “Happy Father’s Day.”

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Make sure you visit a higher end wine shop that can help you select something which will actually taste good two decades later!

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She was so tiny and Travis is built like an ox. And in his mind, there was no way he could hold something so delicate.

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